JASH Visits Japanese Submarine

JASH members pose with Commander Chihara after touring JS Uzushio

JASH members pose with Commander Chihara after touring JS Uzushio

Members of JASH were hosted by Commander Mitsutake Chihara, captain of the Japanese submarine Uzushio on 13 and 14 February. The Uzushio was in Pearl Harbor for annual training between the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force and the U.S. Pacific Fleet. 

On board, Commander Chihara provided a personal briefing on the capabilities of JS Uzushio and conducted the JASH members on a tour of the submarine, to include its combat operations center with its periscope and weapons system controls, engine and propulsion room, the torpedo/weapons room, and crew-related facilities such as the crew quarters, lavatory/shower facilities, and officers/enlisted mess.

Launched in 1998 and commissioned in 2000, JS Uzushio is the third submarine of the OYASHIO class of submarines. Its mission is to operate deep under the sea, be as inconspicuous as possible to potential adversaries, and launch weapons to safeguard Japan’s territories and its sea lanes. The Uzushio displaces 2,700 tons, is propelled by diesel-electric engines, carries a full complement of 10 officers and 61 enlisted, and is fitted with six torpedo tubes.

JASH would like to thank Commander Seishi Goto, Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Liaison to U.S. Pacific Fleet for arranging this tour and to the captain and crew of JS Uzushio for taking time to show us their ship.