East Meets West Let’s Talk Luncheon

Lillian Yajima shows off the eight sided origami box

JASH members and guests enjoyed the sixth annual Tomodachi “Let’s Talk” Luncheon at Le Guignol French Restaurant on August 30, 2011. This year’s special guest was long time JASH member Lillian Yajima who led a hands-on origami session after lunch.Tomodachi Co-chair Kazuko Love opened the session by showing off Japan’s fascination with French things, French sayings on clothing, French sweets, and even the popular children’s book characters Gaspard and Lisa. Attendees enjoyed an exquisite French menu prepared exclusively for us by Chef Ala of Le Guignol. The French influence inspired lively conversation regarding the two cultures.

Following lunch, “Lillian-sensei” demonstrated how to make an eight-sided origami box. She also showcased her book Kokoro and spoke of various ways she tries to spread Japanese culture. She recounted how during the WWII era the Japanese people had to burn their kimono and obi so many of them don’t have it now. Recycling was also a focus of her talk, as she demonstrated how to turn old calendars and cards into reusable boxes.

JASH would like to thank Lillian Yajima for her candid stories about preserving Japanese culture and for teaching how to make an origami box. Thank you to Tomodachi Co-chair Kazuko Love for arranging the lunch at Le Guignol. Also, a very special merci to Chef Ala of Le Guignol for preparing our delicious French meal.

Siegfried Ramler teaches the correct French pronunciation to a song about stars written on a shirt purchased in Japan