Tomodachi Christmas Tea

Uncle Charlie serenades the group with a Christmas sing-a-long

On Thursday, December 15, Tomodachi members and guests gathered together at the Waioli Tea Room in Manoa to celebrate the annual Christmas Tea. Guests were able to enjoy a selection of tea and refreshments in the Ginger VIP room while the snow-like Manoa mist fell outside. Once again, Charles K. “Uncle Charlie” Morton serenaded guests with Christmas songs on his guitar. 

This year’s gathering had a new twist on it that fit in perfectly with the spirit of gift giving during the holidays. Guests were ask to bring an item that they made or baked, or something they had around the house that was mottainai or poho (a waste, too good to throw away). Lillian Yajima used all of the items for her “Lucky Me” game-a spin on the “Lucky Number” game where you have a chance to choose which item you will win. Guests were able to place their name in a cup that corresponded to the item they desired. Once everyone’s selections were complete, Lillian drew names making sure everyone went home a winner. When guests saw what they won in the end, they were able to exclaim, “Lucky Me!”

Guests each had five slips of paper which meant five chances to win the item of their choosing in “Lucky Me”

JASH would like to thank Tomodachi Planning Committee member Roberta Sullivan for planning and making the arrangements for this event as well as providing the cute Christmas favors. We would also like to thank Charles K. Morton for getting us into the Christmas spirit with his medleys. A special thanks to Lillian Yajima who organized the “Lucky Me” game.