JASH Hosts Visit of Sasebo Japan-America Society

Group photo of dinner party members in front of Natsunoya

Thirty two members of the Sasebo Japan-America Society visited Hawaii recently as a part of their Society’s 50th Anniversary commemoration events. The Sasebo JAS met with Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet as well as with members of the Nagasaki Kenjinkai. The Sasebo JAS enjoys a very close relationship with the U.S. Navy which has a base in that city. 

JASH members talk with Sasebo JAS members over dinner at Natsunoya Teahouse

As part of its desire to further relationships with Hawaii organizations, the Sasebo JAS requested a meeting with JASH. Sasebo JAS’s President Kazuo Oniki and several members visited the JASH office for discussions. At that meeting, Mr. Oniki stated his desire to become closer to JASH because of our noted educational and cultural exchange programs and our position in Hawaii close to the Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. JASH hosted an evening dinner reception at the Natsunoya Teahouse that evening. Fourteen JASH members, including JASH Chair Sharon Weiner and several Directors attended. JASH Director and Sister Society Committee Chair Mike Leineweber welcomed the Sasebo visitors, followed by JASH President Ed Hawkins.

Mr. Hawkins and Mr. Oniki agreed to discuss potential future cultural and educational exchanges. The Sasebo JAS will return to Japan and offer proposals.