JASH Night Out: Movie and Dinner

The screening of the movie “Emperor” provided the perfect opportunity for a JASH Night Out on the town. “Emperor” is the story of post-War Japan and the issue of how to deal with Emperor Hirohito – whether to try him as a war criminal or not. The movie stars Tommy Lee Jones as General Douglas MacArthur sent to Japan to establish order, remove Japanese militarism, and deal with those determined to be war criminals, and Matthew Fox as General Fellers who is assigned the task of determining whether Hirohito should be charged with war crimes. 

Following the movie, the JASH attendees gathered at a local restaurant to carry on the discussions about the movie. Mr. Kenichi Ando of Hawaii’s Japan Airlines Office attended the evening’s program and donated a large poster of the movie and brought along a letter addressed to the JASH membership from the producers of the movie (Mr. Ando is a good friend of one of the producers). The poster was offered as a gift to the winner of the movie trivia contest and JASH President Ed Hawkins read the letter to the gathered JASH attendees (see the text HERE. It was an evening of learning and fun.