Hinamatsuri Celebration at the Consulate General of Japan

Guests enjoy an opera performance by Rev. Takamasa Yamamura.

On Thursday, February 27, Consul General Toyoei Shigeeda and Mrs. Michiko Shigeeda graciously opened their residence to the Japan-America Society of Hawaii’s annual Tomodachi Hinamatsuri celebration in honor of Girl’s Day. Hinamatsuri is traditionally celebrated on March 3rd by Japanese families in order to ensure their daughter’s health and future happiness. 

Tomodachi co-chair Kazuko Love shared with the guests some background about the seven-tiered hinaningyo doll display. It is believed that the dolls possess the power to contain bad spirits and protect the owner from harm. It is also believed that if the dolls are not put away on the night of Hinamatsuri, the family will have trouble marrying off their daughter.

Opera singer Takamasa Yamamura, along with piano accompaniment by Misa Ninomiya, performed a medley of opera songs. Of note was the collaboration on Tadashi Yanada’s Jogashima no Ame (The Rain of Jogashima) with traditional Japanese dancer Segawa Senka who danced wearing an appropriate rain-colored kimono to match.

Following this special collaboration, guests were able to partake in special refreshments prepared by the Consul General’s personal chef and donated by the Tomodachi Planning Committee members. The Japan-America Society of Hawaii would like to send a special Mahalo to Consul General and Mrs. Shigeeda for hosting this special event. We also send out our special thanks to Mrs. Shigeeda for giving opening remarks and being a wonderful hostess. Thank you again to our performers Takamasa Yamamura, Misa Ninomiya, and Segawa Senka.

(L-R) JASH Director Ms. Betty Brow, Mrs. Michiko Shigeeda, and Tomodachi co-chair Mrs. Kazuko Love in front of the Consulate’s hinaningyo display