Dr. Ikujiro Nonaka Inspires Society at JASH Talks Presentation

Dr. Nonaka gives talk at the Pacific Club

On April 16, 2015, JASH members and local business leaders experienced an informative lecture by Dr. Ikujiro Nonaka, a sought–after international professor and speaker. Dr. Nonaka gave an inspiring presentation about how business strategies and operations could be reformed to maximize potential and efficiency. Along with his interactive slideshow, Dr. Nonaka included insightful anecdotes and examples such as the fractal organization used in 7-Eleven. He explained how 7-Eleven’s creative and effective management system results in proficient leaders and a productive company. 

Following his lecture, Dr. Nonoka answered questions from the audience. Some of the questions addressed how listeners could implement Dr. Nonaka’s ideas into their own business policies.

At the conclusion of his lecture attendees proceeded to indulge in an exquisite dinner laid out by The Pacific Club. The second half of the event provided an opportunity for attendees to network with other local and international leaders. It was very motivating to see so many local leaders come together and continue to learn and improve their corporate strategies in order to better prepare their companies for the future.IMG_3307

We would like to thank Dr. Nonaka and his wife, Sachiko, for speaking at this event, and recognize The Pacific Club for their excellent venue and service.