JASH Junior Ambassadors Depart for the 27th Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention in Fukuoka

APCC Delegates depart to Fukuoka, Japan (front row, l-r: Junior Ambassadors Luke Cisneros, Landon Kimura, Landon Hung, Gia Ma, Chloe Kwok and Tierra Nakamura; back row, l-r: Peace Ambassador Wesley Lum, Educational Program Director Liz Barrera, JASH President Lenny Yajima, chaperone Kevin Matsuda and Educational Assistant David Nakanishi)

The day finally arrived! After months of preparation, parents and children were both anxious and excited as the six Hawaii Junior Ambassadors (Luke Cisneros, Landon Hung, Landon Kimura, Chloe Kwok, Gia Ma and Tierra Nakamura) departed for the 27th Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) in Fukuoka, Japan on Wednesday, July 8, 2015. They were accompanied by chaperone Kevin Matsuda and Peace Ambassador Wesley Lum. For most of the Junior Ambassadors (JAs) this is their first trip overseas. They will spend nearly two weeks in Fukuoka — seven days with a host family and three days at camp with other 11-year olds from over 40 different countries.

Prior to their departure, the delegates appeared on local news stations with JASH President Lenny Yajima. On each show, Ms. Yajima shared information about JASH and the APCC and the Junior Ambassadors performed their hula to the song Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai that they will be performing at the “We are the Bridge Festival” on July 18 in Fukuoka, Japan. Please click on the links to see the various news casts that they were featured on:
June 21 on KITV 4
June 22 on KHON 2 and
June 21 on Hawaii News Now.

JASH Delegates to the APCC meet with Governor David Ige on June 30, 2015

On June 30, the delegates were also given the opportunity to meet with Governor David Ige in his Executive Chambers. For many of the JAs and their families this was the first time to meet the new governor. Governor Ige offered friendly advice to the JAs on what it means to be an ambassador and answered questions from the Ambassadors on topics ranging from food to politics.
The delegation will return to Honolulu on July 21st.