Junior Ambassadors Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday April 2, 2016, the JAs went on a field trip to Don Quijote Store in Honolulu to learn about and try a variety of Japanese foods. The six Junior Ambassadors (JAs) along with the APCC Hawaii Peace Ambassador Jocelyn Bonilla, chaperone Dori Kim, and JASH staff members Elizabeth Stanton-Barrera and David Nakanishi participated in a “scavenger hunt” activity to expose the JAs to some of the foods they may encounter during their time in Japan. 
The JAs were divided into three groups with an adult leader and given thirty minutes to find a variety of items around the store. Each group was responsible for purchasing specific Japanese food items such as chicken karaage, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki. After returning to the JASH office, each group shared what they had learned from the activity, gave a brief presentation of the items they purchased, and tried each of the unique Japanese dishes. This activity was an excellent way for the Hawaii delegates to learn about and taste some of the food they may see in Japan.