TOMODACHI- Aloha Leadership Prepares for upcoming Tohoku Trip

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, delegates of the 2016 TOMODACHI-Aloha Leadership Program met at the JASH office to plan and prepare for their upcoming trip to Tohoku, Japan next month. The TOMODACHI Aloha Leadership Program (TALP) envisions creating generations of Japanese and Americans dedicated to perpetuating the important Japan-America relationship, bettering their communities, and empowering themselves to become global-minded leaders in their schools and organizations. 

While in Tohoku, the delegates will experience firsthand the devastation wrought by the March 2011 tragic events, witness how the Japanese people in Tohoku are coping with and recovering from this tragedy, reconnect with past Rainbow for Japan Kids (RFJK) participants whom they befriended in Hawaii, meet future RFJK participants, and engage in community outreach to assist the people of Tohoku with their recovery.