2016 Junior Ambassador Team Bonding

April has been a very busy month for the JASH Junior Ambassadors! From April 30 – May 1, 2016, the JAs had an overnight stay at the YMCA’s Camp Erdman on the North Shore. Their time at camp served to strengthen their relationship as a delegation and to learn to bond as a team. The JAs participated in a Team Development Course run by the YMCA in which they had to solve complex puzzles and games that tested their communication skills and forced them to rely on each other. These activities allowed the JAs to learn more about the other members of their delegation and how they can support each other as a group.  
In addition to the Team Development Course, the JAs also presented their special Global Bridge Leader (GBL) reports to each other. Following the April 2nd workshop, each JA prepared a unique GBL report on different issues in Hawaii such as GMOs, Marine Preservation, Traffic in Hawaii, and several other contemporary topics. These reports enabled the JAs to learn more about the issues in their communities and the different solutions for these problems. The JAs also learned the basic skills of archery, ate smores, shared stories around a campfire, and practiced their hula performance. The experience helped the group strengthen their bond and connect with each other to better prepare them for their journey to Japan in July.