Tomodachi – Hinamatsuri Celebration at the Japanese Consulate

Hinamatsuri Celebration at the Japanese Consulate

On March 1, 2017, Consul General Yasushi Misawa and Mrs. Yoko Misawa graciously opened their doors to hold a Hinamatsuri Celebration in their official residence for JASH members and guests. Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival) also known as Momo-no-sekku (Peach Festival) is traditionally celebrated on March 3 by the Japanese to wish for the happiness and healthy growth of girls. Households display elegant dolls called hina ningyo dressed in ancient court costumes of the Heian Period (794 – 1185).

Consul General and Mrs. Misawa welcome guests to the hinamatsuri celebration

Mrs. Misawa provided a brief background on the Hinamatsuri tradition and shared a joyful story of her own youthful experiences with those in attendance.  The guests also enjoyed a special dance performance, based on the art of Yamato gaku, uniquely interpreted into dance by Senka Segawa.  Yamato-gaku is a type of music played with a shamisen, which contains some elements of western music in a free style.  Senka choreographed and danced to the song “Fuji Murasaki.” Her dance started very quietly, like a still picture, then sprung to life; with light hand movements and steps, finishing with a flourish of wisteria flower.

Senka Segawa dances to “Fuji Murasaki”

Following the dance, guests were entertained by Bernice Hirai and Mary Yanagihara, both koto players, who shared their talent with the guests through three songs: Tanoshii Hinamatsuri, Sakura, and Hana Ikeda. To start the musical portion of the program off, guests enjoyed singing along to the popular Tanoshii Hinamatsuri song.

Thank you once again to Consul General and Mrs. Misawa for hosting this much-anticipated event. JASH would also like to thank our Tomodachi Committee members for providing additional refreshments for this event. Thank you Senka Segawa, Bernice Hirai and Mary Yanagihara for the wonderful performances.

Guests enjoy refreshments at the Japanese Consulate