Junior Ambassadors take on Camp Erdman

The JASH Junior Ambassadors (JAs) stayed at Camp Erdman from Saturday, May 6 to Sunday, May 7 for an overnight retreat to build teamwork amongst the group and prepare for their trip to Japan. At camp, the JAs practiced for the cultural performance which they will perform at the Global Bridge Festival in Fukuoka, Japan in July. They also completed the YMCA’s Team Development Course in which JAs were tasked with a variety of challenges and puzzles designed by Camp Erdman staff to encourage participants to work together and trust the other members of their team.

JAs, PA Ava Williams, and Chaperone David Nakanishi complete a Team Development Course Challenge

JA Ryan Handa gives his GBL report on global warming

After completing the Team Development Course with ease, the JAs presented their Global Bridge Leader (GBL) reports to each other. Each JA developed their own short presentation about different contemporary issues in Hawaii such as GMOs, marine preservation, traffic, recycling, pollution, and global warming. The purpose of these GBL reports were to enable the JAs to learn about issues in their communities and their possible solutions.
Overall, the overnight experience brought the six JAs together to form a more cohesive group, ready to take on the challenges they will face in Japan and with the confidence in their fellow JAs to support them.