Junior Ambassadors take on the Charity Walk!

JAs and parents at 2017 Visitor Industry Charity Walk

On May 20, the JASH Junior Ambassadors and their families along with 2017 APCC Chaperone David Nakanishi and 2018 APCC Chaperone Sandy Takeda, participated in the 2017 Visitor Industry Charity Walk. As always, the walk started in Ala Moana Beach Park and extended into Waikiki for a total of 5.25 miles. The calm walk through Waikiki provided the JAs and parents the opportunity to build upon their friendships. Along the way, the JAs stopped by a number of checkpoints where they were given various snacks and gifts from the charity walk sponsors. Despite having minor injuries prior to the walk, the six JAs finished the back at Ala Moana Beach Park to enjoy a lunch with each other. The Visitor Industry Charity Walk raise money for various charities on the island of O’ahu and the money that the Junior Ambassadors raised will help fund future APCC programs.
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Junior Ambassadors take on Camp Erdman

The JASH Junior Ambassadors (JAs) stayed at Camp Erdman from Saturday, May 6 to Sunday, May 7 for an overnight retreat to build teamwork amongst the group and prepare for their trip to Japan. At camp, the JAs practiced for the cultural performance which they will perform at the Global Bridge Festival in Fukuoka, Japan in July. They also completed the YMCA’s Team Development Course in which JAs were tasked with a variety of challenges and puzzles designed by Camp Erdman staff to encourage participants to work together and trust the other members of their team.
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2017 Mission Project delegation visits Hawaii

2017 Mission Project Delegation with Consul General Misawa and Mrs. Misawa, host families, Bridge Club Hawaii, and volunteers

In late March, 2017, the Japan-America Society of Hawaii welcomed a delegation of 15 students and 3 chaperones who visited Honolulu as a part of this year’s Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention’s (APCC) Mission Project program. The 15 students from Fukuoka, Japan experienced Hawaii’s unique culture first-hand through their brief, but fun-filled five-day stay in Hawaii. Each Japanese student stayed with a volunteer host family coordinated through JASH. Read More

2017 JASH Junior Ambassadors have been selected

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The Japan-America Society of Hawaii (JASH) is pleased to announce the selection of six Junior Ambassadors (JAs) to represent JASH and Hawaii at the 29th Annual Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) in Fukuoka, Japan in summer 2017.

The APCC is a cultural exchange program that deepens participant’s appreciation for the cultures of other nations and regions, and promotes mutual understanding and friendship, nurtures international awareness in young people, and works towards world peace and co-existence. It is hoped that the JAs will build an international network of friends.

Following the competitive application process, the six Junior Ambassadors — three boys and three girls, all age 11 — will participate in a JASH-designed six-month preparation program for their July Japan experience.

In Fukuoka, the students will meet over 200 fellow Junior Ambassadors from 40 countries and cities in the Asia-Pacific region in a global youth camp. This will be followed by a home stay where they will live with a Japanese host family. It is our hope that our Ambassadors will mature into adults with a strong sense of social responsibility.

The 2017 Junior Ambassadors are:

  1. Yuuka Brown, Waikiki Elementary
  2. Sabina Funasaki, Noelani Elementary
  3. Ryan Handa, Kainalu Elementary
  4. Rielan Hung, Maryknoll School
  5. Taryn Kimura, Moanalua Elementary
  6. Kyler Shigemi, Aina Haina Elementary

If you wish to know more about the APCC program, please visit the JASH website, www.jashawaii.org/category/apcc, or contact David Nakanishi, APCC Program Coordinator, at (808) 524-4450 or via dnakanishi@jashawaii.org.

We thank you for your continuing support of JASH.

2016 Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention in Fukuoka

JAs perform at the “We are the Bridge Festival 2016”

JAs perform at the “We are the Bridge Festival 2016”

JASH proudly sent six Junior Ambassadors (JAs) – all 11-year-old Hawaii students — to the 28th Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) in Fukuoka, Japan, on July 9, 2016.

Hosted by the Fukuoka City government, the APCC promotes international relationships among children so that they will become adults with a sense of social responsibility for the world. Read More

2016 JASH Junior Ambassadors Depart for APCC

The APCC delegates arrive in Fukuoka

The APCC delegates arrive in Fukuoka

JAs land safely in Japan

Junior Ambassadors land safely in Japan

On July 9, 2016, the JASH Junior Ambassadors (JAs), Peace Ambassador (PA) Jocelyn Bonilla, and chaperone Dori Kim departed for their two-week adventure in Japan to participate in the Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC). When they arrived in Fukuoka, they received a warm welcome from APCC volunteers who helped them to their bus headed towards the Marine House Camp where they will stay for the next few days. At camp, the JAs will have the opportunity to meet the 226 other 11-year old students from 44 different countries and cities in the Asia-Pacific region. For more updates about the JAs’ trip to Japan, please visit our JASH Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/JapanAmericaSocietyofHawaii/

JASH 2016 Junior Ambassadors visit Governor David Ige

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On July 8, 2016, JASH Junior Ambassadors (JAs) met with Governor David Ige at the state capitol and discuss with him their upcoming trip to Fukuoka, Japan to participate in the Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention. Governor Ige presented the JAs with state pins to take with them to Japan and tell people about the beauty of Hawaii. The JAs were then able to ask him questions about what it is like to be governor of Hawaii. The JAs leave for Japan on July 9, 2016. They are very excited to have met with the governor right before they depart and now leave with a better understanding of their roles as Junior Ambassadors of Hawaii.

2016 Junior Ambassadors on Hawaii News Now and KHON2

Junior Ambassadors at Hawaii News Now

Junior Ambassadors at Hawaii News Now

On Wednesday, June 29 and Friday, July 1, the JASH Junior Ambassadors (JAs) made two separate appearances on local news stations. On June 29, the 2016 JAs made their debut on Hawaii News Now Sunrise. The segment kicked off with an interview between JASH President Lenny Yajima and Hawaii News Now Billy V. The two discussed the main aspects of the program and JASH’s role in the JA training process. Following the interview, the JAs shared their hula, E Ku’u Tutu, and later toured the studio with Billy V.Read More