JASH 2016 Junior Ambassadors visit Governor David Ige

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On July 8, 2016, JASH Junior Ambassadors (JAs) met with Governor David Ige at the state capitol and discuss with him their upcoming trip to Fukuoka, Japan to participate in the Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention. Governor Ige presented the JAs with state pins to take with them to Japan and tell people about the beauty of Hawaii. The JAs were then able to ask him questions about what it is like to be governor of Hawaii. The JAs leave for Japan on July 9, 2016. They are very excited to have met with the governor right before they depart and now leave with a better understanding of their roles as Junior Ambassadors of Hawaii.

2016 Junior Ambassadors on Hawaii News Now and KHON2

Junior Ambassadors at Hawaii News Now

Junior Ambassadors at Hawaii News Now

On Wednesday, June 29 and Friday, July 1, the JASH Junior Ambassadors (JAs) made two separate appearances on local news stations. On June 29, the 2016 JAs made their debut on Hawaii News Now Sunrise. The segment kicked off with an interview between JASH President Lenny Yajima and Hawaii News Now Billy V. The two discussed the main aspects of the program and JASH’s role in the JA training process. Following the interview, the JAs shared their hula, E Ku’u Tutu, and later toured the studio with Billy V.Read More

Junior Ambassadors Participate in the Visitor Industry Charity Walk

The six JASH Junior Ambassadors and the other delegates to the APCC along with families represented JASH this morning in the 2016 Visitor Industry Charity Walk. The walk started at Ala Moana beach park and continued for over five miles through Waikiki. The VICW raises money for various charities on the island of Oahu and JASH has participated for many years. Read More

2016 Junior Ambassador Team Bonding

April has been a very busy month for the JASH Junior Ambassadors! From April 30 – May 1, 2016, the JAs had an overnight stay at the YMCA’s Camp Erdman on the North Shore. Their time at camp served to strengthen their relationship as a delegation and to learn to bond as a team. The JAs participated in a Team Development Course run by the YMCA in which they had to solve complex puzzles and games that tested their communication skills and forced them to rely on each other. These activities allowed the JAs to learn more about the other members of their delegation and how they can support each other as a group.  Read More

Junior Ambassadors Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday April 2, 2016, the JAs went on a field trip to Don Quijote Store in Honolulu to learn about and try a variety of Japanese foods. The six Junior Ambassadors (JAs) along with the APCC Hawaii Peace Ambassador Jocelyn Bonilla, chaperone Dori Kim, and JASH staff members Elizabeth Stanton-Barrera and David Nakanishi participated in a “scavenger hunt” activity to expose the JAs to some of the foods they may encounter during their time in Japan. Read More

Meet the 2016 JASH Junior Ambassadors to the APCC

2016 JASH Junior Ambassadors with chaperone Dori Kim

2016 JASH Junior Ambassadors with chaperone Dori Kim

On January 9, 2016, a JASH committee selected six 11-year-old students (three boys and three girls) to represent Hawaii as JASH Junior Ambassadors (JAs) at the 28th Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC), which will be held in Fukuoka, Japan, from July 9 – 24, 2016. A total of 226 children from 44 countries and cities throughout the Asia-Pacific region have been invited to participate this year. The delegation will be led by JASH volunteer Makua Dori Kim, a Hawaiian Studies Teacher at Aina Haina Elementary.Read More

JASH Sends Delegates to the Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention in Fukuoka

Hawaii Junior Ambassadors with their roommates from Indonesia at Marine House Camp

After six months of training and preparation, JASH sent delegates to Fukuoka, Japan to take part in the 27th Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC). Six Junior Ambassadors: Luke Cisneros, Landon Hung, Landon Kimura, Chloe Kwok, Gia Ma and Tierra Nakamura, along with Peace Ambassador Wesley Lum and volunteer chaperone Kevin Matsuda took part in the APCC, which was held from July 8 – 21, 2015.Read More

JASH Junior Ambassadors Depart for the 27th Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention in Fukuoka

APCC Delegates depart to Fukuoka, Japan (front row, l-r: Junior Ambassadors Luke Cisneros, Landon Kimura, Landon Hung, Gia Ma, Chloe Kwok and Tierra Nakamura; back row, l-r: Peace Ambassador Wesley Lum, Educational Program Director Liz Barrera, JASH President Lenny Yajima, chaperone Kevin Matsuda and Educational Assistant David Nakanishi)

The day finally arrived! After months of preparation, parents and children were both anxious and excited as the six Hawaii Junior Ambassadors (Luke Cisneros, Landon Hung, Landon Kimura, Chloe Kwok, Gia Ma and Tierra Nakamura) departed for the 27th Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) in Fukuoka, Japan on Wednesday, July 8, 2015. They were accompanied by chaperone Kevin Matsuda and Peace Ambassador Wesley Lum. For most of the Junior Ambassadors (JAs) this is their first trip overseas. They will spend nearly two weeks in Fukuoka — seven days with a host family and three days at camp with other 11-year olds from over 40 different countries.Read More

JASH Holds Annual Hilton 5:01 and Beach Cleanup

APCC and TALP delegates pose for pictures outside

On June 12, 2015, 120 JASH members and guests gathered at the Rainbow Suite in Hilton Hawaiian Village for JASH’s annual Hilton 5:01 hosted by Hilton Hawaiian Village. Read More