Japan-America Society of Hawaii Holds Spring 2012 McInerny Foundation’s Japan Day

Hawaii Bonsai Association volunteers teach students how to plant their own bonsai trees

Thanks to the generous support provided by the McInerny Foundation, the Japan-America Society of Hawaii (JASH) held its Spring 2012 Japan Day on Wednesday, May 2 at Hawaii Tokai International College. A total of 133 students representing Hanalani Schools, Kaiser High School, Kamehameha Schools – Hawaii, and Punahou School gathered for an exceptional opportunity to experience the Japanese culture. The day began with a taiko performance and demonstration by the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble. Energized and inspired, the students spent the next few hours absorbing the Japanese culture. Over 40 volunteer experts presented cultural classes on bon dance, bonsai tree planting, calligraphy, traditional crafts, ikebana (flower arranging), kimono/yukata wear, soroban (Japanese abacus), and tea ceremony. Excitement filled the air as students beamed with pride while making their own cultural creations, coincidentally in time for Kodomo no hi (Children’s Day) on May 5! Read More

2011 Spring Japan Day

The Spring 2011 Japan Day was held at Hawaii Tokai International College on Wednesday, April 13, 2011, thanks to the generous grant provided by the McInerny Foundation. A total of 122 students representing Campbell High School, Kailua High School, Lanai High School, Molokai High School, and Sacred Hearts Academy were provided with the unique opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture through various cultural classes including bonsai tree planting, calligraphy, traditional crafts, ikebana flower arranging, kimono wear, soroban (Japanese abacus), and the tea ceremony. For many students, especially those from the neighbor islands, this was their first exposure to the culture and an invaluable experience for all. Everyone was in for a treat with the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble’s inspiring performance and taiko sound demonstrations in the Welcome Ceremony!
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